‘You’ll know whether or not you’ve made an impact on the world if your name remains timeless’

Such Names

Jesus Christ, Walt Disney, John F Kennedy, Eamon DeValera and of course none other and last but not least St.Patrick.. Who will be widely celebrated tomorrow in a largely Celtic way…. Such tradition is so large that pure Celtic genius decided to put St. Patricks Day in the middle of lent!!! Slainte!!

St Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint has certainly made an impact. He arrived in Ireland 1590 years ago. The year was 431/2.

On the 17th March each year.

‘St Patrick’s Day’

Is celebrated world wide with parades and celebrations by so many different nationalities all over the world who for just one day want to be Irish.

Some History

The first recorded St Patrick’s Day parade took place in Florida on the 17th March 1601. The first Boston parade was held in 1737, The first New York parade was held in 1762. The New York parade is the largest in the world. According to the Guinness book of records. The world’s shortest parade took place in the village of Dripsey in Count Cork Ireland between 1999 and 2007. The route of the parade was 23.4 metre’s (25 Yards long) from one pub to another. The Dripsey parade’s ceased in 2007 when one of the pubs closed. In 1903 St. Patrick’s Day became an official public bank holiday in Ireland.

Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest in Ireland.

Worldwide there is no national holiday as widely celebrated as ‘St Patrick Day’.

The Shamrock was a favourite motif on postcards, Badges and sprays of Shamrock in your hat or the lapel of a coat or dress etc etc.

The reason St. Patrick became famous around the world is emigration or should I say forced emigration of over one million people during the great famine to countries such as America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Why is Montserratt called the ‘Emerald Isle of the Carribeen’?

They are are one of the few places around the world who hold a national holiday to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick’s Day for a full week.

The Reason is the infamous Oliver Cromwell who came to Ireland in the summer of 1649 and caused havoc and ruin, in fact it still has repercussions to the present day, Cromwell had Irish Men, Women and Children forcibly transported by the English Government (British Empire).

In 1655 when England captured Jamaica from Spain, Cromwell needed to populate their new colony, His way of dealing with the issue was by populating the new acquisition with the Irish, Cromwell sent over 2000 children between the ages of 10 to 14 year olds. A Final word about the Carribeen where 25% of the population claim Irish ancestry. In Montserrat the historic Carr’s Hill cemetery contains names such as O’Brien, Riley, Daly, Sweeney. When you present your passport it is stamped with a Shamrock.

Where did St. Patrick come from

Patrick (not his real name) was born in Britannia in the year 387. The name St.Patrick was given to him by Pope Celestine. St Patrick’s mission in Ireland was to bring Christianity to our shores. He was a brilliant orator, He could speak to a King, Chieftains and the common people of Ireland. When not engaged in Ministry work, His time was spent in continuous prayer and fasting on a mountain in County Mayo Ireland that now bears his name. .. In July each year over 3000 people or pilgrims climb the 764 metre mountain called ‘Croagh Padraig’

Apart from having a mountain named after him, The name Patrick is the most popular name not only in Ireland but right around the english speaking world. Hundreds of churches and street names including the famous ‘St. Patrick’s Cathedral New York’ also many stories, poem’s and songs probably the most famous song. ‘Hail Glorious St. Patrick’ of the many images of him, Stained glass windows, Paintings etc, Many of them show him holding a sprig of Shamrock illustrating the Christian doctoring of the Holy Trinity.

Luke Wadding

Who made the decision to hold a St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th March.

Father Luke Wadding from Greyfriars Street, Waterford Ireland. Ireland’s Oldest City. The Wadding’s were a well to do family.

‘Luke Wadding’ 1588 – 1657

He spent most of his life in Rome as a Franciscan priest where he rose to a position of great influence. It is said that he was the only Irish priest proposed to be Pope, But he was not interested. He was a great scholar and preferred to study. The pope gave him a task to complete. to draw up a list of all the saints in the Catholic Church and give each Saint a specific day and date. Father Wadding was well aware of St. Patrick and it was he who decided that the 17th March should be ‘St. Patrick’s Day.

It is not unusual for a person who is widely associated with a country not to have been born in that country. St. Patrick as an example, Eamon DeValera who dominated Irish political life for most of the last century was born in New York U.S.A. Adolf Hitler who led Germany was born in Austria. Stalin leader of Russia was born in Georgia. The emperor of France Napoleon was born on the Island of Corsica.

Waterford City is also famous for an Annual event that takes place each year in the White House U.S.A. when the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) presents a bowl of Shamrock to the President of the U.S.A. (n.b. over 75 million Americans claim Irish ancestral connections)

The man responsible for writing the 1937 Irish Constitution was John Joseph Hearne from Waterford. He was appointed the first Irish ambassador to the U.S.A. IN 1952. It was John Hearne who presented the 1st Waterford Crystal bowl of Shamrock to Harry S. Truman U.S.A. President. This very important tradition has continued to the Present day. However as the Pandemic has hit the whole world travelling to the U.S.A. is out this year, So it has to be a virtual bowl of Shamrock.

To all those who haven’t sung or read a St. Patrick’s Day song the following might bring back a memory or two. As we face into the second year of Lockdown, One of the few things we have are memories all together now.

There’s a dear little plant, That grows in our Isle, ‘Twas St. Patrick himself sure that set it and the Sun on his Labor with pleasure did smile and with a tear from his eye oft-times wet it. It grows through the bog, through the brake, Through the mireland. and they called it the dear little shamrock of Ireland. The dear little Shamrock. The dear little Shamrock, The dear little, Sweet Little, Shamrock of Ireland.

Hail Glorious Saint Patrick

Hail glorious Saint Patrick, Dear Saint of of our Isle on us, Thy poor children bestow a sweet smile and now thou art high in the mansions above on Erin’s green valley look down in thy love for God and St. Patrick, For God and St. Patrick, For good and St. Patrick and our native land.

Little did St. Patrick think during his lifetime that he would be immortalised for eternity in Irish history and that his fame would spread to every corner of the globe.

May your thoughts be as glad as the Shamrock’s May your hear be as light as a song May each day bring you bright happy hours That stay with you all year long For each petal on the Shamrock That brings a wish your way ______ Good health, Good luck and happiness for today and every day Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2022