Michael Collins Centre

Having had a long history of researching about the W.O.I. And civil war and in particular anything to do with Michael Collins. Yesterday I paid a visit to the Michael Collins Centre about 5kn outside Clonakilty. It was a truly amazing and great afternoon, The lecture of Tin Crowley was so prosfessional and interesting, Tim and his wife Dolores have spent over 30 years gathering an incredible amount of original artifacts and over 100 photos and press cuttings. And if there wasn’t enough, Tim has also recreated the full life sized replicas of the three vehicles involved in the ambush in which Michael Collins lost his life.

If you are interested in our history from 1916 to 1923. This is a must see historical attraction and I can guarantee you won’t be dissappointed.

From Clonakilty just follow the sings for the Michael Collins Centre.

S.K. Tuesday 24th August 2021