Date: Sunday 16th May 2021

The national famine Memorial Day commemoration at Glasnevin cemetery remembering all those effected by the great Irish famine. 1845 – 1850+

Over two million Irish men, women and children suffered or perished in the great famine. During that awful time well over two million people had gone to the new world or the next world.

Many songs poems and stories have been writers about the famine. I think Christy Moore singer captures the reality of the time with his wonderful words in the writings ‘On a single day’.

May they Rest In Peace..

On a single day –

A list of exports from Cork harbour. The 14th of September 1847. Ran as follows.
147 barrels of Pork, 986 casks of Ham, 27 sacks of Bacon, 528 boxes of eggs, 1397 firkins of butter, 477 sacks of oats, 720 sacks of flour, 380 sacks of Barley, 187 head of cattle, 296 head of sheep, 4328 barrels of miscellaneous provisions.

On a single day – The ship sailed out from Cork harbour with their bellies in the water. On a single day in Co. Galway the great majority of the poor located there were in a state of starvation. Many hourly expecting death to relieve their suffering on a single day.

The lady mayoress held a ball at the mansion house in Dublin in the presence of the lord lieutenant of Ireland. Dancing continued until the early hours and refreshments of the most varied and sumptuous nature were supplied with in exhaustible profusion. On a single day..

On a single day it’s about time this little country has a bit of peace.